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Incontinence underwear for 2023

What are the best incontinence underwear for 2019?

Anyone who has searched for adult incontinence products knows it can be very overwhelming. Where do you even start? How much absorbency do you need? What is your output like? Do you need it for daytime or nighttime use? Are you active or is discreetness a priority? For some it just boils down to what are the best diapers out on the market.

One thing to remember is there are differing terms for incontinence products that can become very confusing. The big three are diapers/briefs, underwear/pull-on’s and liners/pads.

Diapers are more for heavy incontinence, which could include urine or feces.

Underwear are more for light to medium output of urine, not made for feces.

Liners are for light urine incontinence only.

How are these made?  Most underwear have 4 basic parts that work in conjunction.

  1. Waterproof outer layer that holds the whole thing together.
  2. Absorbent core the most important part of the underwear.  This is compromised of a super absorbent polymer that is a chemical crystal.  This gel can absorb up to 30 times its own weight.
  3. Inner layer which is like a liner that covers the core and touches your skin.  Usually made from a polyester or cotton.
  4. Stretchiers which is the elastic band around the waist/legs.

The following are some of the top 5 adult incontinence underwear selling on Amazon.

Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear Max Absorbency

If you think of adult incontinence products, most likely Depends is the name most people have heard of. With over 30 years experience in retail market these are a great choice.

  1. These come in many sizes and you can get them in gender specific styles.
  2. Soft, cloth-like fabric that is more flexible and moves with you.
  3. Comfortable leg elastics that help prevent leaks.
  4. Discreet, less bulky.
  5. Fragrance free, lotion-free, and natural rubber latex-free.

TIP: If you have an FSA card you can now pay for incontinence supplies on Amazon.

Depends offers a money back guarantee as well. Let’s say you purchase a package from Amazon and for whatever reason you are not satisfied, they will give you your money back. This offer looks to be ending on 6/30/19. Depend Money Back Guarantee

Sizing is done by waist and pant size. Women’s come in a tan color and the men’s is a grey in color..


Small 24-30″ waist or 00-8 pant size (pack of 19/32/60)

Medium 31-37″ waist or 8-16 pant size (pack of 18)

Large 38-44″ or 16-20 pant size (pack of 28)

X large 45-64″ or 20W+ (pack of 38)


Small/Medium 26-34″ (pack of 32/38/46)

Large 35-43″ (pack of 42)

X Large 44-64″ (pack of 48)

Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear for Women Max Protection

Always brand makes many different feminine hygiene products and has been in the market for over 30 years. Unfortunately they only make this particular underwear for women.

  1. RapidDry Core helps pull, trap and lock away wetness and odor, covering your from back to front.
  2. Form fit with 360 degree elastic pulls the core closer to the body for a discreet fit.
  3. Double leak guards help keep wetness away from edges for secure bladder leak protection.
  4. Contour core hugs your curves for a more comfortable fit and is less bulky.
  5. Cottony-soft waistband.


Small/Medium 24-40″ (pack of 64)

Large 38-50″ (pack of 56)

X Large 48-64″ (pack of 52)

Amazon Brand Solimo Incontinence Underwear for Women Max Absorbency

Solimo is Amazon’s newer private label brand that they offer. This is a good choice if you are looking for an economical and good quality brand.

  1. Solimo is very equal to Depend and Tena sizes, so it is easy to switch with minimal size changes.
  2. Amazon offers full refund if not completely satisfied, and no need to return product.
  3. Dri-Fit helps control moisture and temperature to help your skin stay dry, and healthy.
  4. Cotton topsheet helps wick away moisture and gives a soft feel against your skin.
  5. Max absorbency to help hold in moisture.
  6. Dual odor control system effectively helps control and neutralize odors.


Small/Medium 28-40″ waist or 34-46″ hips or 115-190 pounds (pack of 60)

Large 38-50″ waist or 44-54″ or 44-54″ hips or 170-260 pounds (pack of 54)

X Large 48-64″ waist or 48-64″ hips or 200-300 pounds (pack of 48)

2x Large 64-80″ waist or 64-80″ hips or 250+ pounds (pack of 42)

Depend Silhouette Incontinence Underwear for Women, Maximum Absorbency

Like FIT-FLEX the Silhouette’s are made by Depends, who have a lot of experience making incontinence product. With the Silhouette’s they have aimed to provide a product that appeals to people who have an active lifestyle.

  1. Premium, stylish comes in three different colors (black, lavender, and beige)
  2. Smooth and sleek that provides discreet fit.
  3. Breathable cotton like fabric.
  4. Leg elastics that prevent leaks and elastic waistband with a modern rise.


Small/Medium 28-40″ waist or 34-46″ hips or 115-190 pounds (packs of 48 or 56)

Large/X Large 38-50″ waist or 44-54″ hips or 170-260 pounds (packs of 40 or 52)

Depend Real Fit Underwear Maximum Absorbency for Men

Like the Silhouette’s for women, Depend’s has a similar product for men called the Real Fit. These come in three different colors (grey in color, black, and blue)

  1. Bold , masculine design for a smooth and sleek fit.
  2. Elastic waistband for a finished look and feel.
  3. Comfortable leg elastics that help prevent leaks.
  4. Breathable cotton like fabric.
  5. Super absorbent material that allows for maximum absorbency.


Small/medium 28-40″ waist or 34-46″ hips or 115-190 pounds (pack of 56)

Large/X Large 38-50″ waist or 44-54″ hips or 170-260 pounds (pack of 52)

Next steps

Just to reitierate, if you are looking for underwear for yourself or someone you know there are many choices to pick from.  There is something that should work for each body type and budget.  As you can see they come in many different colors and styles.

One thing to mention specifically if you order any of these from Amazon is their subscribe now feature. This can save anywhere from 5-15% depending how much you order.  Also Walmart also offers free 2 day shipping on some orders.  Target offers a very similar free shipping feature with any order over $35.

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