At incontinence 101 we are focused on helping anyone experiencing incontinence by educating and providing solutions.


Bladder Control Pads/Liners






Discreet protection for women.

Contoured for comfort.

Individually wrapped.

Light to moderate urinary incontinence.

Male Guards







Discreet protection for men.

Contoured shape for a natural fit.

Designed for light flow.

Protective underwear/Pull-on’s






Easy to pull on and off.

Underwear look and feel.

Designed for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.

Designed for light to moderate fecal incontinence.

Adult Briefs






Designed for heavy urinary incontinence.

Designed for moderate to super fecal incontinence.







Protects beds, chairs and other surfaces from leakage.

Designed for moderate urinary leakage.

Disposable Washcloths






Used for cleaning the skin.

Promotes skin wellness and can reduce dry irritated skin.


Helps heal skin irritations from moisture such as urinary and fecal incontinence.