Does Medicare pay for adult diapers?

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Does Medicare pay for adult diapers?

When you think of Medicare many things might come to your mind. How much is it going to cost, what plan do I pick, what does part A, and part B mean, the list goes on and on. One huge question that always seems to come up is does Medicare cover adult diapers? Unfortunately the answer is no, they do not. They do cover some incontinence supplies such as catheters, however even medigap plans do not cover these types of supplies. So where does this leave individuals who are in need. I hope to answer some of these questions and help alleviate some stress.

Alternative assistance


With Medicare out as a choice for help, what other avenues are available to people in need? Here are some 3rd parties that can help people in need.

Medicaid is a funded state and federal insurance program for low-income individuals of all ages. To be eligible one must be financially qualified and have a medical need for care. Eligibility requirements can vary state to state.

Veterans’ Administration (VA) Health care does pay for adult diapers provided they are medically necessary.

Veterans Home and Community Based Service provides financial assistance for medical care which could include incontinence products. For more information please see :

Non profit diaper banks are a resource for those in need that do no have the financial means to pay for incontinence supplies. People who are in need should get in touch with their local diaper bank and they can help with providing the correct products if possible.

Fun Fact : Did you know Marion Donovan created the first practical disposable diaper in 1950 by using shower curtains for plastic covering and layers of tissue as the inner absorbent material.

How to save money?

Let’s say you have exhausted all avenues and you must pay for adult diapers out-of-pocket, what are your best options? Your choices will be going to your local grocery store or a local pharmacy. These are not the best options for a few different reasons. One being cost, purchasing in bulk online can save you as much as 50%. Not to mention you can utilize discrete packaging, free shipping and you have more options to choose from.

Here is a link to top briefs on Amazon : Top 8 Adult Diapers You Need to Consider Buying for A Loved One

One tip many people forget about is the cost of buying adult diapers can be tax-deductible. These costs can add up if ordering on a month basis. Especially if you have other medical costs. For more information :

Not sure what product works best for you? Before buying a large quantity try calling adult diaper manufacturers. Most will provide samples free of charge for you to try.

Often times you can research online for adult diaper coupons that can save you money as well.

It’s all about quality of life

Incontinence is not something anyone wants to talk about or deal with, that is the reality of the situation. However this doesn’t mean the process of finding help or the right resources needs to be difficult.

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